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Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations: Cuba

Beijing to restrict NGO activities: A new law introduces restrictions on how independent Chinese NGO can get foreign funding.(Asia News, March 12, 2010)

Mission of the Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations: "The main tasks of the Committee are...The consideration of applications for consultative status and requests for reclassification submitted by NGOs; The consideration of quadrennial reports submitted by NGOs in General and Special categories; The implementation of the provisions of Council resolution 1996/31 and the monitoring of the consultative relationship; Any other issues which the ECOSOC may request the Committee to consider." (Committee on NGOs web-site)

Cuba's Term of office: 2011-2014 (re-elected April 28, 2010)

Cuba's Record on NGOs:
"The government did not recognize domestic human rights groups or permit them to function legally....The government subjected domestic human rights advocates to intimidation, harassment, and periodic short-term detentions. There were no officially recognized, independent NGOs that monitor human rights. The government refused to recognize or meet with any unauthorized NGOs that monitor human rights. Furthermore, there were multiple reports of explicit government harassment of individuals who met with unauthorized NGOs." (US State Department Country Report of Human Rights Practices in Cuba, 2013)