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UN Commission on Sustainable Development: Angola

Angolan women
Photo: Natalie Behring-Chisholm

Mission of the Commission on Sustainable Development: "...to promote dialogue and build partnerships for sustainable development with governments, the international community and the major groups identified in Agenda 21 as key actors outside the central government who have a major role to play in the transition towards sustainable development. These Major Groups include women, youth, indigenous peoples, non-governmental organizations, local authorities, workers and trade unions, business and industry, the scientific community, and farmers" (Commission on Sustainable Development web-site, "Mandate of the Commission on Sustainable Development")

Term of office: 2011-2014 (elected April 28, 2010)

Angola's Record on Sustainable Development:
"Limited investigative resources, poor forensic capabilities, and an ineffective judicial system prevented prosecution of most [rape] cases... Domestic violence against women, including spousal abuse, was pervasive in both urban and rural areas... societal violence against elderly persons and rural and impoverished women and children occurred, with most cases stemming from accusations of witchcraft. .. at least six women were ritualistically killed during the year....certain diamond merchants believed that ritualistically killing these women, and sometimes harvesting parts of their bodies, would help bring them good luck in the diamond fields....Sexual harassment was common and not illegal... Child abuse was widespread. Reports of physical abuse within the family were commonplace, and local officials largely tolerated abuse. ...the traditional age of marriage in lower income groups coincided with the onset of puberty. ... belief in and accusations of witchcraft still existed, particularly in Zaire and Uige provinces" (US State Department's Country Report on Human Rights Practices 2013, Angola)