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Afghanistan, January 7, 2014

Afghan girl wearing suicide bomber’s vest detained after family ordered her to carry out attack

Original source

New York Daily News

An Afghan girl has been detained by police while wearing a suicide bomber's vest in southern Afghanistan, according to reports.

The child, identified as Spozhmai, believed to be the 8- to 10-year-old sister of a Taliban commander, was instructed to carry out a suicide attack on border police in Helmand province on Monday when discovered, the BBC reported.

Her death sentence came after being accused by her father and brothers of having "illicit relations" with officers, Pajhwok Afghan News reported.

She was consequently forced to put on the vest and cross a river to get to her target, but because of the cold she started to cry.

Those cries reportedly caught the attention of an Afghan soldier, just as her brother, identified by the Afghan news organization as Zahir, fled.

Some reports claim the girl tried to activate the button to detonate her vest; others claim she was stopped before she was able to.

The child has requested not to be returned to her family, fearing repercussions.