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Palestinian Authority/Gaza, April 15, 2021

Palestinian Terrorists Fire Rocket Into Israel on Israeli Independence Day

Original source

The Times of Israel

Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip fired a rocket at southern Israel on Thursday night, striking an open field, as the country's Independence Day festivities came to end, according to Israeli authorities.

The projectile struck a field northeast of the Palestinian enclave, causing neither injury nor damage.

The rocket attack triggered sirens in the town of Sderot and the nearby communities of Nir Am and Ibim.

The Israel Defense Forces confirmed that one rocket was fired from Gaza toward Israel.

A security camera captured the launch of the rocket from the northern Gaza Strip.

The attack came amid a general lull in violence from the Gaza Strip in recent months, amid a ceasefire between Israel and the terror group Hamas, which rules the enclave.

Last month, a rocket was fired toward Beersheba as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a campaign stop in the southern city during the most recent election.