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Other, December 12, 2019

Antisemitic Hate Spewed by Locals After Jersey City Attack

Less than 24 hours after assailants killed multiple victims in a kosher grocery in Jersey City, New Jersey, former NYS Assemblyman and former Jewish Defense League activist Dov Hikind posted online chilling footage captured in the hours subsequent to the bloody attack.

World Israel News reported that in one of the clips, a young man asks a Jewish first responder, "Four [Jews] are dead, right? If they're dead and they got shot, that's great."

Another bystander comments, "I blame the Jews! We never had a shooting like this until they came here."

"We can't do it to them?" she added, referring to the attack as "Jew shenanigans."

WIN also reported that another person can be heard yelling, "Get the damn Jews the f**k out of here! Get the Jews out of Jersey City."

Hikind commented on the footage, "As Jewish bodies were still laying in cold blood after being murdered by terrorists in Jersey City, a representative of Americans Against Anti-Semitism captured spontaneous anti-Semitic tirades blaming Jews for their own murder and people cheering it on."

Two of the victims at the store were identified by members of the Orthodox Jewish community as Mindel Ferencz, who with her husband owned the grocery, and 24-year-old Moshe Deutsch, a rabbinical student from Brooklyn who was shopping there. The Ferencz family had moved to Jersey City from Brooklyn.

The funerals for the two Orthodox Jewish victims in the Jersey City shooting attack were held on Wednesday night. Thousands turned out for the two funerals.

Also murdered was Jersey City police officer Detective Joe Seals, a law enforcement veteran and father of five.

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop on Wednesday announced that the kosher grocery had been specifically targeted.

In the aftermath of the shooting, the New York Times reported that one of the perpetrators, who was identified as David Anderson, posted anti-Semitic and anti-police content online and was affiliated with the Black Hebrew Israelite movement, a hate group that, despite its name, promotes virulently anti-Semitic conspiracies and advocates violence, as was reported on the World Israel News web site.

The Black Hebrew Israelites are in no way affiliated with any stream of Judaism or the mainstream Jewish community.

For decades, adherents of the sect have stood in New York's Times Square accosting Jews and other passersby. The group made the news in January when a video surfaced of members in Washington, D.C. calling high school students "crackers" and "faggots." Hate group watchdogs have warned about the dangers of the Black Hebrew Israelites since at least 2008.

Investigators also are scouring social media postings of at least one of the gunmen in search of a motive, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is still going on...