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Israel, October 8, 2015

Four Stabbed in Tel Aviv in Fifth Terror Attack Since Wednesday

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A terrorist stabbed four people at the intersection of Menahem Begin Boulevard and Moses Street in Tel Aviv on Thursday, the fifth terror attack in Israel since Wednesday.

The assailant stabbed a soldier with a screwdriver, lightly wounding her, and fled eastward, stabbing three other people. An Israel Defense Forces soldier chased after him and shot him. Magen David Adom medics at the scene pronounced him dead. MDA evacuated the four victims, all lightly wounded, to Ichilov Hospital.

An earlier attack on Thursday was perpetrated in Jerusalem, when a 25-year-old was badly wounded after being stabbed in Jerusalem. The attack took place by a light rail stop on Bar Lev Boulevard, next to Police national headquarters. Special police forces in the vicinity quickly overpowered the assailant, during which another person was lightly wounded.

He was identified as Subhi Ibrahim Mohammed Abu Khalifa, 19, a resident of the Shoafat refugee camp nearby Jerusalem. The security services said he had no prior arrests. He was handed over to the Shin Bet security service for interrogation.

The attacked disrupted light rail service, which was renewed after an hour.