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Islamic State, July 6, 2015

ISIS Releases Chilling Video of Two Activists Being Interrogated and Then Executed for Handing Out Anti-Shariah Leaflets in Raqqa

Original source

Daily Mail

ISIS have executed two brave media activists in Raqqa, releasing a graphic video of their interrogation and brutal execution in an attempt to deter other activists in the Syrian city.

The 21-year-old media activists are named as Bashar Abdul Atheem and Faisal Hasan Al Habib, local residents in Raqqa, who were working against ISIS.

Unconfirmed reports claim the two men were working as part of the renowned Syrian activist group, 'raqqa is being slaughtered silently'.

In the video, the two young men are accused of being 'informants' and were allegedly caught handing out anti-Shariah leaflets in ISIS's de-facto capital city, Raqqa.

Following their arrest, the activists are shown wearing orange jumpsuits. They appear to sitting in a dimly lit interrogation room, where they are questioned about their activities.

He interrogates them, first asking their names, where they come from and their religious beliefs.

The masked interrogator goes through the activists crimes, taking time for them to explain how they used smart watches to photograph intelligence sites in Raqqa and Deir ezzor.

The video ends with the execution of the two activists. Filmed at night, insects can be heard buzzing in the background as the camera zones in on the two prisoners.

Both men have been tied around their waist to a tree trunk. Two ISIS militants, dressed in full camouflage fatigues and matching balaclavas, raise their pistols and take aim at the prisoners.

Graphic scenes show the two prisoners being executed, with the footage being replayed in slow motion.

At the end of the video, the footage cuts out after the executioners walk away. Ten seconds later, the video shows the blurred face of an older man, dressed in an orange jumpsuit.

The older man gives his name in Arabic, calling himself Hamood al-Mossa. The brief footage appears to be a hint by ISIS that another execution video will be released.