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Palestinian Authority/Gaza, October 25, 2015

Israeli Moderately Wounded In Ariel Stabbing Attack

Original source

Ynet News

Two Israelis were moderately wounded in stabbing attacks in the West Bank on Sunday while another incident in Hebron resulted in a female attacker being seriously wounded by security forces.

One of the wounded Israelis was attaked in the early evening near the town of Ariel. The attacker fled the scene and police only captured a 26-year-old Palestinian suspect later who may have arrived in Ariel on a bus line that transports both Israeli settlers and Palestinian workers.

Earlier in the morning, an Israeli was also moderately wounded in Gush Etzion.

The Israeli's car was pelted with stones at the entrance to the settlement of Metzad. He was hit in the head, causing him to pull over and leave his vehicle. He was then stabbed by a Palestinian man.

The Israeli opened fire at the terrorist and wounded him, but the terrorist managed to flee the scene, likely towards the nearby village of Si'ir.

Because there is no cell reception in the area, the wounded Israeli had to drive up the road towards the entrance gate to Metzad, where he called for help.

IDF troops called to the scene were searching for him. During searches in the village of Si'ir, an IDF soldier was lightly wounded from stones being thrown at him. The army is also looking into the possibility there was more than one terrorist.

The settler, 58, was taken to the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem with a head injury after being hit from a stone, and stab wounds to his chest.