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Other terrorists, May 15, 2019

Jewish Woman Stabbed by Muslim Man in Sweden

Original source

The Jerusalem Post

A 60-year-old Jewish woman was critically wounded in a multiple stabbing attack on Tuesday in Helsingborg, Sweden, Maariv reported.

Police have cordoned off the attack site, and are treating the incident as a case of attempted murder. The alleged attacker is a Muslim man known by the Swedish police, according to Israeli reports. The Jewish community believes the incident is an antisemitic hate crime. A witness told Swedish media that "I heard her cry and plead for help after the attack. She shouted, 'Help me, help me.'"

"We are deeply shocked. We're talking about a very nice woman who's gone through a tragic incident," said a neighbor who is also member of the Helsingborg Jewish community. According to him, the attack happened when the victim was on her way to work, Maariv reported.

"While many European tourists came to Israel this week to take part in Eurovision, there are people that continue to spread hate and antisemitism throughout Europe," Yaakov Haguel, deputy chair of the World Zionist Organization, said. "Once again, we hear about a difficult, shocking incident, this time in Sweden, against a worker in the Jewish community in Helsingborg who was on her way to work."

"Once again, Jews in Europe are in danger," said President Reuven Rivlin in a statement. "Today's brutal stabbing of a member of the Jewish community in Helsingborg, Sweden is yet another reminder that we cannot rely on fading memories of the Holocaust to keep today's Jewish communities safe, as our schools, synagogues and community centers are turning into fortresses.

"We will fight antisemitism with all our might, and will speak out against these dreadful incidents," Rivlin stated. "Our thoughts and prayers are with the injured, her family and community."

"We are talking about a very serious incident, and it is the responsibility of the Swedish authorities to be concerned with the security of the Jewish community there and to prevent the recurrence of events like this," Haguel continued. "I thank the Swedish Police who chose correctly to place police officers to guard Jewish community offices until the situation calms down. I hope that this protection will not be needed again in the future. Jews need to live in calm and security just like the other residents in their countries. Enough with antisemitic terror!"