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Palestinian Authority/Gaza, December 1, 2015

Man Wounded in Attempted Stabbing Attack at Gush Etzion Junction

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A man was lighty wounded in a stabbing attack at the Gush Etzion junction in the West Bank on Tuesday morning.

A police spokeswoman said the Palestinian assailant was shot dead as he wielded a knife in the attempted stabbing and a bystander was lightly hurt from a stray bullet fired by an Israeli officer securing the location.

The attack took place just before 8 A.M. Magen David Adom received a report about an attempted stabbing attack at the Gush Etzion junction, and MDA paramedics arrived at the scene and evacuated the casualty, who suffered a wound to his hand, to Hadassah University Hospital on Jerusalem's Mount Scopus.

Only 10 minutes later, a man aged about 25 was lightly wounded in the Beit Israel neighborhood in Jerusalem. MDA paramedics treated the man, who sustained wounds to his upper body. The circumstances of the incident are not yet clear, but the man said he was stabbed by an Arab man. Security forces are searching the area for a suspect.

Later Tuesday morning, a Palestinian woman was found near the settlement of Efrat with a knife in her bag. She was taken in for questioning. In a separate, fourth, incident, a Palestinian woman was shot as she attempted to stab an Israel Defense Forces officer near the checkpoint at the West Bank settlement of Einav. The woman later died.

Tuesday's attack was not the first to take place at the Gush Etzion junction in the latest round of violence. Last week, 22-year-old Hadar Buchris was killed in a stabbing attack at the site.