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Iran, August 5, 2018

One Killed Overnight As Iran Cracks Down On Nationwide Protests

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Iran Human Rights Monitor

Thousands of Iranians protested for the fourth consecutive day on Friday August 4, against poor living conditions, soaring unemployment and economic difficulties.

Police reportedly fired tear gas and rubber bullets into crowds in a bid to quell the unrest which first began on Monday, July 29, 2018 in Isfahan, but quickly spread to other cities such as Shahin Shahr, Najaf Abad, Karaj, Rasht, Mashhad and other cities.

Footage posted online showed protesters in Gohardasht, Karaj and Ghahdarijan in Isfahan burning tires to neutralize tear gas.

In Karaj, security forces opened fire on demonstrators. At least one protester, Reza Otadi, was killed by Revolutionary Guards Corps gunmen who opened fire from rooftops in Gohardasht, west of the capital, during Friday's protests.

Footage from the city, showed a protester being shot in the hand lying on bed. In the video the doctor says that he was shot while another voice confirms that he was shot with live bullets and not pellets.

In another video footage from Karaj, the distressed voice of a women is heard saying that security forces were using pepper spray and tear gas against protesters.

Reports from Qahdarijan, Isfahan indicate that security forces have shot at protesters. Footage from Qahdarijan showed protesters taking a wounded protester away probably to hospital on a motorcycle.

State news agencies reported "scattered protests" in the southern cities of Shiraz and Ahvaz, to the north in Mashhad and Sari and in Karaj, west of Tehran. Rallies were also recorded in Arak and Shahin-Shahr.

The Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) reported on August 3, 2018, that the police has prevented protesters from rallying in Isfahan. Meanwhile, local reports and videos posted on social media show protesters clashing with security forces.

The state-fun Fars news agency also reported that security forces arrested some of the "leaders" in Isfahan protests.

"On the third day of unrest in Isfahan's Amirkabir district known as New Shapour some of the leaders who tried to make tensions were arrested," Fars reported on August 3, 2018.

In a voice message sent from Rajaei Shahr Prison of Karaj, death row prisoners voiced their support for protesters and chanted "Death to dictator" and "long live freedom" slogans. "They're sending us to the gallows," one prisoner says.

"It makes no difference. It's either death or freedom."

The prisoners shouted "the uprising continues while the dictator stands" and ended their message with "Death to Khamenei."