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Saudi Arabia, November 13, 2012

Saudi Preacher Tortured Five-Year-Old Daughter to Death With Whips and Electric Shocks

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IB Times

A man described as a prominent religious scholar in Saudi Arabia tortured his five-year-old daughter to death, using whips, electric shocks and a hot iron.

According to daily newspaper Al Okath, Faihan al Gameri killed his daughter Lamaa. He is reported to be a former drug addict who appeared on satellite television programmes telling stories of his repentance.

Lamaa died in hospital in the capital Riyadh a few days ago from an internal haemorrhage caused by a fracture to the skull. She also had other injuries resulting from her father beating her, including burns from a hot iron, broken arms and head bruises. Al Arabiya reports that Gameri was detained by authorities and was transferred to the general prosecution to face questioning. Lamaa's mother, who has not been named, said the abuse had been taking place for eight months because "he had suspicions about his daughter's behaviour".

The couple were divorced and the mother said they had an "agreement" regarding Lamaa's custody. Gameri had taken his daughter for two weeks but never returned her.

In April, her mother then received a call from the public prosecutor in Hotat Bani Tamim asking her to go to the Shamisi Hospital.

"He used all sorts of torture and abuse against Lamaa," she said. "I was shocked and could not believe what happened to Lamaa when I saw her. I could not believe that is no mercy in people's hearts."

When she asked her former husband why he had tortured their daughter, he replied with a "chuckle only".

According to Emirates 24/7, Gameri's new wife helped to torture and kill the child.

It also reports that Lamaa's mother told Al Youm: "I appeal for the authorities and human rights groups to support my quest to have my ex-husband and his wife executed for murdering [my] daughter."