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While the UN devotes its human rights operations to the demonization of the democratic state of Israel above all others and condemns the United States more often than the vast majority of non-democracies around the world, the voices of real victims around the world must be heard.

Iran, January 16, 2014

Six Prisoners Were Hanged For Drug Related Charges in Iran- 24 Executions in Two Days in Iran

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Iran Human Rights

Iran Human Rights, January 15: Six prisoners were hanged in two different Iranian prisons early this morning January 15.

The state run Iranian news agency Fars reported about execution of five prisoners in the prison of Shahroud (northern Iran). these prisoners were identified as M. Y (40 year old) charged with possession and trafficking of 980 grams of crack and heroin; Gh. M. (27 year old) for possession and trafficking of 1993 grams of crack; Gh. R. (42 year old) for possession and trafficking of 1120 grams of crack; "A. N." (21 year old) for possession of 2 kilograms of heroin and 2 kilograms of morphine; and Gh. S. (56 year old) for possession and trafficking of 1818 grams of crack.

Another prisoner was hanged in the prison of Tabas (Central Iran) reported the Iranian state media today. the prisoner was identified as "Hassan S." and was charged with trafficking of 591,90 grams of heroin and morphine said the report.

Yesterday 18 people were hanged in different Iranian cities, seven of which were announced by the official Iranian sources.