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Islamic State, April 22, 2015

Syrian Media Activist Pays the Ultimate Price for Telling the World About the Cruelty Suffered Under the Islamists’ Regime

Original source

Daily Mail

Harrowing images have emerged showing the seconds before a media activist was brutally murdered by militants loyal to the Islamic State in Syria.

Taken on the frontline of fighting in the countryside outside the rebel-held city of Aleppo, the photos show a prisoner wearing an orange jumpsuit being forced to his knees before being shot.

ISIS released the disturbing photographs on the same day as they bizarrely attempted to portray everyday life under the terror group's control as happy and carefree - distributing images of smiling farmers living near Aleppo who use Western technology to grow and harvest their abundant crops.

Images of the media activist's brutal execution were released by ISIS' Halab Media Centre, which operates in and around the city of Aleppo and has previously released sickening images and videos of the terror organisation murdering anybody who dares to oppose them.

Brave activists operating on the ground in Syria have been hugely successful in helping to unite and inspire a resistance against the terror group by sharing images and reports of their atrocities online.

Groups such as Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, which operates in ISIS' de facto capital city, work undercover, secretly filming ISIS militants as they take part in near daily massacres.

This has, however, made the activists a major target, with the terror group exacting bloody revenge on those found to be spreading information on their activities.

Charged as spies, the campaigners face certain death - either by being shot at point-blank range or crucified in a public square.

The activist seen in the latest ISIS photographs show him just moments before his 'execution'.

The fact he was forced to his knees and the presence of men standing around him wielding assault rifles has led analysts to believe his death was almost certainly by shooting, even though his moment of death is not shown and there are no images of his body.

With his arms tightly bound behind his back with plastic handcuffs, blurry images show the victim being dragged through a public square by his heavily armed captors.

His name and the group he worked for are not known, but ISIS identified the man as a 'media activist' understood to have been murdered sometime earlier this week.

The images emerged on the same day as ISIS made a bizarre attempt to portray themselves as a peace-loving group by distributing photos of smiling farmers harvesting their crops.

Using Western-style crop-spraying equipment, a group of young men are seen in the fields happily picking cabbages while young boys load them on to the back of a lorry.

The happy pastoral scene is in stark contrast to the campaign of rape and massacre ISIS has brought to vast stretches of the Syria and Iraq - where depraved extremists carry out daily atrocities in the name of the radical interpretation if Islam.

The juxtaposing scenes emerged as Kurdish officials claimed ISIS militants were preparing for an attack on a city in north east Syria, near the border with Iraq, where the terror group remains a significant threat despite recent setbacks elsewhere in the two countries.