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Palestinian Authority/Gaza, October 7, 2015

Terror Attack: Assailant Stabs IDF Soldier In Attempted Weapon Snatch In Kiryat Gat

Original source

The Jerusalem Post

A suspected terrorist stabbed an IDF soldier before snatching his gun on Wednesday in the southern city of Kiryat Gat, initial reports say.

A police spokesman said that, upon initial investigation, the suspect approached an armed IDF soldier after stepping off of a bus and attempted to snatch his weapon.

The soldier resisted his assailant and as a result of the struggle sustained a light stabbing wound to his head.

The suspect continued with the snatched weapon to an adjacent residential building, where he took refuge until being confronted and shot down by police forces minutes later.

Police sappers were on the scene for fear that the suspect had been in possession of an explosive device.