The UN-NGO Connection

Human Rights Voices documents the dissemination by UN-accredited NGOs of the hatred of Jews and the Jewish state.

These UN-accredited NGOs are responsible for the distribution of material that incites antisemitism, demonizes the Jewish state, justifies and encourages terrorism, and seeks the destruction of the UN member state of Israel. It is a message which is diametrically opposed to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.

Moreover, in many cases, the UN website -- constantly used by millions worldwide -- links to the websites of these UN-accredited NGOs. (See here for example.) Though the UN officially claims the linked sites "are not under the control of the United Nations and the United Nations is not responsible for the content," it also says that the newsletter "NGO Action News" is "a project of the [UN] Division for Palestinian Rights" -- that is, everything in it has been specifically chosen for inclusion by the UN itself. In fact, the UN site says specifically "The Division reserves the right to make the final selection with regard to material to be included in this newsletter."

Here is a sampling of the campaign of hatred of and violence emanating from UN-accredited NGOs.