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Islamic State, April 6, 2015

Depraved ISIS Militants Execute Four Men Accused Of Stealing In Front Of Baying Mob In Latest Atrocity In Iraq

Original source

Daily Mail

Depraved militants fighting for the Islamic State in Iraq have brutally beheaded four men accused of theft, before displaying their bodies on railings in a town square.

Taken in ISIS' northern stronghold of Mosul, the photographs show four men being interviewed by the terrorists before they are dragged before bloodthirsty crowds eager to see their executions.

The savage punishment is a significantly more extreme than ISIS' usual punishment for theft - which typically sees the accused having their right hand hacked-off by machete-wielding jihadis who pump the men full of drugs to numb the limb before severing it from the victim's body.

The first photograph shows the four men sitting on a sofa in what appears to an interview-type situation with their jihadi captors.

All of the men wear their beards without moustaches in a style commonly associated with Islamist beliefs and their military-style clothing suggests the victims may well have been fighters themselves.

If the men were ISIS members, that could be one explanation for why they were given considerably harsher punishments than those usually received by ordinary citizens accused of similar crimes.

A second photograph shows one of the men blindfolded and forced to his knees in a town square while a masked militant reads out the charges against him.

Huge crowds are seen in the streets, with bloodthirsty young fathers and their children jostling for position in order to get a better view of the savage scene.

A final photograph shows all four men on their knees as the knife-wielding militants swarm upon them, before carrying out the brutal beheadings. Locals on the ground suggested the men's decapitated bodies were later put on public display in central Mosul.